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Adjusting tool offsets automatically based on measurement results

Operator view during the production run
Solu is an application for setting tools offsets automatically based on measured values. The application compensates the temperature changes and tool wear during long production runs.

Improves productivity

The productivity improved by automatic offsets compensation which eliminates user errors and defective workpieces caused by over the tolerance measurements. Tool bits can be used longer by changing them only after speci ed limits are exceeded. In some applications spare tools can be eliminated by optimizing tool life, thus saving tool slots on machining centers and lathes.

Advanced features

Solu makes it possible to exchange information between robot, CNC's and external systems. The information can be for example service requests between CNC and robot, simplifying wiring in the cell and reducing installation time. The information may come from company ERP, being serial numbers, measurement data etc, to be engraved to working pieces.

In unmanned use, the application can page the operator via SMS if robot or CNC issues alarm.

Improves quality

Every work piece is measured and measurement deflections are corrected before they exceed tolerance limits. During the automated production the application can stop the production in controlled manner if set limits are reached.

Sääntöjen muokkaus
Tool offset rule creation
  • Simple to use, proven in production
  • Fast program change
  • Multiple machining centers and lathes can be controlled by the same application
  • Modular: supports different measuring machine-, machining center- and robot controls
  • User friendly: Simple rule creation. Available in different languages. Easy to use web browser interface

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